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Průhonice   is an important, romantic, residential municipality very close to Prague. Although the municipality is not directly part of   Prague   , the capital is within reach. Průhonice has an extraordinary position by the wonderful Průhonice Park, which is protected by UNESCO. The most important monuments also include Průhonice Chateau with the Romanesque Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary and Dendrological Garden. The first mention of the municipality dates back to 1187 in relation to the consecration of the Romanesque Chapel of the Birth of the Virgin Mary and to 1270, when Zdislav and Oldřich of Průhonice were appointed burgraves of Prague Castle. Průhonice Park and Chateau were established in 1885 by Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva Tarouca. Průhonice Park is a supreme work of European landscaping, making unique use of original domestic tree species in combination with imported foreign tree species. The most famous genus cultivated in Průhonice Park is the Rhododendron. The park also includes a unique Alpine Garden with extensive collection of alpine plants, perennials and tree species. The total area of the park is 250 ha and the paths there are approximately 23km in length.

With a view to the superb position, civic facilities and transport services,   Průhonice   has been chosen by many companies as their registered office or location for their business premises. Other important municipalities are also located nearby, for example   Čestlice   ,   Nupaky   , Kuří,   Benice   ,   Říčany   , Modletice, Jažlovice, Vestec, Jesenice,   Prague 4   ,   Prague 10   and others.

There are many hotels and restaurants in   Průhonice   . These also include Parkhotel Průhonice and the Tarouca Restaurant in Parkhotel Průhonice. Among other things, there is a football pitch here, playground for children and youngsters, the newly renovated Sokolovna, skate-board park, school, banks, health centre, chemist’s and several shops. It is certainly worth coming to Průhonice and experiencing its unique atmosphere.


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