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The town of   Říčany  , located roughly 20 km southeast of   Prague   , spread out over the slightly undulating woody countryside here. It is a pleasant place to live and is also of interest due to its wealth of history. According to Hájek’s Chronicle, the first mention of   Říčany   relates to 748. One of the unmistakable architectural monuments is the ruins of the once palatial castle dating back to the time of the last Premyslids. It was commissioned in 1260-1270 by Andrew of Všechromy, the high chamberlain of King Přemysl Otakar II and founder of the family of the Lords of Říčany. On the square, we can find the Church of St. Peter and Paul, which is a protected monument. The arches of the inconspicuous chapel in its interior are decorated with frescoes dating back to sometime around 1400. Nearby, we can see the Marian Column dating back to 1699. The Olivovna, established in 1890 by Mr. and Mrs. Oliva as an education facility for neglected and abandoned children resembles a chateau. It is now used as a children’s nursing home for respiratory diseases.

Říčany   has become a sought-after recreation location and the town currently ensures state administration for a wide area. The municipalities of   Průhonice   ,   Čestlice   ,   Nupaky   , Kuří,   Benice   , Modletice, Jažlovice and others can be found nearby. The very nice environment and advantageous traffic connections with   Prague   support its current dynamic growth and interest on the part of investors. You can visit the museum in   Říčany   , the cinema or a theatre performance by the Tyl company or other performance by local troupes. Concerts are regularly held by leading Czech artists, organised by the Circle of Friends of Music. The   Říčany   rugby players are especially dominant in the world of sport. Fans of football, ice hockey, tennis, table tennis, fitness, cycling, riding and those interested in competitive dance or hiking are all catered for. Several hiking trails and cycle paths lead through the town. Říčany has its own nature trail devoted to nature, history, culture and the environment. The town has good transport connections with the City of   Prague   and there is also a reservoir here.


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